WG Connected

We as AG Connected form the link betweenToE   e.V. and the ASC Göttingen von 1846 e.V..In close consultation with the ASC, we would like to support some areas of international voluntary services and contribute with the experiences of former weltwärts volunteers through suggestions to the further development of the weltwärts services of the ASC. 

In concrete terms, this means the provision of a speaker exchange with former ASC volunteers who want to do alumni work at the seminars.In addition, the ASC can receive anonymous, constructive feedback from us of each returned year if this is expressed.  

A central field of activity is the support of the South-North Komponente of the ASC.In addition to participating in the ASC Buddy Program, the intercultural exchange between former North-South volunteers and ASC volunteers of the Global South is to be promoted in a language tandem. In addition, in cooperation with the Education Working Group, the perspective of the South-North volunteers is to be evaluated and represented more strongly.The network of ToE e.V. is also to be used to acquire new deployment sites. 

THE AG Connected offers further support to the ASC in the search for future volunteers for the weltwärts program.In addition, we set ourselves the direct support of volunteer projects of the ASC on the African continent and in projects of the South-North component as a long-term goal.For this purpose, we are the contact person of the association for all further questions and suggestions. 

Would you like to actively participate in our working group work or ideas for new tasks of the AG Connected? Then feel free to contact us at connected@together-on-earth.net