The Board of Directors

Daniel Volkmann, Joe Poppe & Paula Classen (from left to right)

Joe Poppe (1. Chairman):

Moin, I'm Joe, 24 years old and was 16/17 in beautiful South Africa. After studying business administration at the University of Cologne, I am now studying for a master's degree in "Global Business" in Göttingen. I really enjoy "working" at ToE because you work with cool, motivated people and learn new interesting things!

Paula Classen (2. Chairperson):

Greetings from the north, my name is Paula and I am studying for a bachelor's degree in political science and sociology in beautiful Kiel. After my weltwärts volunteer service 17/18 in Namibia, the ToE means for me the ASC family to have me and to be able to tackle the topics that still move me now. 

Daniel Volkmann (Treasurer):

My name is Daniel, I am 26 years old and I was in Namibia 16/17. Since last year I have been doing my doctorate at the University of Göttingen in the field of business administration. I came to ToE because many cool people can move even more together. So let's get started and create something big.