Online Method Case

This online method kit has arisen from a small idea to make online seminars easier for everyone and thanks to many submissions and your help it has become quite big! We are very pleased to make online education as easily accessible and attractive as possible for everyone with this project!

So that you can work with the method case in the best possible way, we give you a few basic hints & ideas before you can really start with the wild ride "online teaching".

Methods - We have assigned the methods to their most frequently used objective. Certainly, you can use one or the other method creatively for other goals.

Technology - In order to use many of the methods listed here, a secure handling of video conferencing tools and their functions/applications is required. We do not want to offer an explanation of this in this context and refer to numerous online tutorials and handouts of the corresponding providers. We also assume a standard equipment of a terminal device with Internet access as well as a functioning camera & microphone, so that we do not list this as "material" in the method case.

Didactic competence - We require a certain teaching competence, so that a good introduction to the method is found independently and an adequate reflection is attached by you as a teacher. The framework conditions of the methods (duration, number of participants, topic) must also be adapted to the objectives of the seminar/workshop as well as the group dynamics.

Updates of the method case are provided at irregular intervals and mainly on the basis of hints. We are always happy to receive new ideas and constructive suggestions. We look forward to your message to the AG Bildung des ToE e.V.. If you miss your favorite method in this method case and would also like to contribute a (further) part, we have good news. Our project is not only open-source but also open-end and you can add methods at any time via this form .

If you would like the PDF version of the online method case with additional tool tips and know-how , write us an e-mail and we will send it to you!

We hope you enjoy browsing and using this collection.

Sincerely, your team of the online method case project
Lea, Paula, Franziska, Chiara, Lucas, Frederic, Jakob, Finn & Flo

Disclaimer: The submitted methods or their descriptions were slightly edited for better readability – but on the whole they were left close to the submitted proposals. Similarities to protected methods of other works are therefore purely accidental in nature and not knowingly adopted. We are happy to accept well-intentioned comments on this.