That's us

The association, Together on Earth - weltwärts Alumni e.V. (ToE for short), is an association of former weltwärts volunteers who have gained experience in countries of the global South and have supported various volunteer projects there.
The association offers a platform for committed people and former volunteers who can network and further their education. In addition, the association supports selected projects in the sense of the SDGs, such as projects in the Global South for youth development.

A core task of the association is to point out and offer educational offers that promote participation in social discussion, raise awareness of intercultural contexts, create sustainable awareness and promote sustainable action. ToE uses sport as a medium to overcome barriers and to show health-promoting aspects as well as to promote tolerance, willingness to dialogue, fairness and social interaction.

The aim of the association is to support social change in the sense of sustainable development by promoting the commitment and existing potential from the experiences and individual abilities of its members and networking them with each other. In addition, the association supports the ASC Göttingen von 1846 e.V. in the implementation of the weltwärts program and accompanies it critically. Within this framework, the exchange with the South-North component of the weltwärts programme is also promoted.