WG Education

As the Education Working Group, we would like to provide access to educational offers that are in the spirit of ToE e.V. and offer a platform for exchange.

This includes the organisation and implementation of events dealing with development policy issues, sustainability, sport and intercultural perspectives.

Opportunities for personal development and reflection are also to be created through our events.       
The references to educational offers of other organizations in the event calendar are intended to simplify access to the content and to draw the attention of members of ToE e.V. and interested parties to possibilities of dealing with these topics. 

At the same time, we want to offer a platform of exchange for speakers and trainers, so that we can all further reflect on our own educational events and benefit from the experiences of others. Through the exchange, experienced speakers can develop further and get to know new methods and topics. At the same time, they can make it easier for others to get started and support them in their first experiences as speakers. 
To network the speakers, we provide a speaker exchange.

CLZ 2019 © Leon Schweer
CLZ 2019 © Leon Schweer