Racism concerns us all 

Not only in the USA, but also in Germany, racism is a big problem. On an institutional, structural level, but also in everyday life, we find different forms of racial discrimination. We can be spectators of racism, but also victims or unconscious perpetrators. We cannot dissolve racism into thin air, but we can do our best to unlearn it and be considerate of our fellow human beings. 

Who we are 

Our team at @unlearnracism_together consists of young people, more precisely former volunteers of the @IFWDSport, who have dealt with racism themselves and still do. We have all been in East Africa for more than half a year, working, living and having experiences that have not only changed our lives, but above all have strengthened our awareness of racism.  

Addressing racism is an important task that has been neglected in Germany for too long.  

Due to the high complexity of the topic, we cannot do justice to a complete and complete processing. We do not have an academic degree in this topic and therefore make mistakes ourselves. Therefore, we also want to point out the content of experts.  

What is and does URT want then? 

URT is more than an educational project on Instagram.URT, that's the team and you, especially you, right now. We want to learn with you, share experiences, deal with racism together, give food for thought and establish a constructive culture of discussion.  

We want to critically reflect on our behaviors with you, learn from them and finally grow from them. Racism is a complex problem, so there is no simple solution to it. But if we all agree to listen, learn, be critical and reflect, then we can make a significant contribution to a society that is more critical of racism. 

Let's #unlearnracismtogether !